About me

My name is Igor and I am an industrial designer with professional and educational experience. I have a Bachelor’s degree in the Faculty of Arts and Design, majoring in industrial design.
Working for years with international clients. I love challenges and I was involved in many creative projects that gave me valuable skills and expertise like industrial/product design, yacht design, concepts, architecture, graphics, 3D visualization. Many of my projects were published in some of the best design magazines.
I strive to bring joy to people’s lives through a minimalistic approach. For me, the design is not just creating an object, it is a journey that requires different abilities. Here on the website, you can see some of my projects, design thinking, skills… and If you are looking to create something interesting with someone you can trust, don’t hesitate to contact me for in-house or freelance work, because I would love to collaborate with you to make your vision a reality. I believe that every project has the ability to be remarkable.
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Don’t hesitate to contact me for in-house or freelance work.