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Igor Jankovic
Yacht Design
Made by Graphene
Grafito sailing yacht is a 37-meter conceptual super yacht born out of the idea to use graphene as a material of the future. This type of material would reduce corrosion and build a better quality yacht, than those that are on the market today.
It is ultra light yet immensely strong
It is 200 times stronger than steel, but it is incredibly flexible
It is the thinnest material possible as well as being transparent
It is a superb conductor and can act as a perfect barrier – not even helium can pass through it
Igor Jankovic Plans to Shock and Awe with the Grafito Sailing Yacht

” His sailing yacht seems to come straight from the past, reminding us of good old times, while traveling towards the future to show off present ideas and brilliance“

The World’s Sexiest Sailing Vessel Is Made From a ‘Miracle Material’

Now the “miracle material,” which won its discoverers the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics, has surfaced in what might be its ultimate application: one of the most beautiful yachts ever designed

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