Intelligent Social Robot
  • CategoryProduct Design
  • Year2018
A helper that you always neededSipro is an intelligent home robot designed to help you with your children and children with special needs. Sipro is your right hand in the house. With a 4 microphone, he can recognize voices, children's crying and notify parents about it, or may try to calm the child with a music, bedtime story or a mother's voice. Inside Sipro there is an air purifier that removes all the insufficiency in the air and thus provides a healthier environment for your little ones.

Capture every momentGive your children freedom, but at the same time follow what are they doing. With a powerful HD camera, Sipro can capture unforgettable moments or serve as a system for monitoring your children through a mobile phone. Also, you can manage your robot over the phone.

He is a keeperWith the help of temperature sensors, Sipro can set the air conditioner via wifi to achieve optimal room temperature.

Let's be creativeSipro is fun. Together you can do many great things. With the projector in his nose, he can project images, drawings, video, ...

Drive with SiproWith additional parts, you can transform Sipro to be your baby walker or you can drive him thanks to his self-balancing system

Charging PadWhen batteries come to the end I automatically go to the charging pad

Mapping Sensors

Self Balancing System

With the self-balancing technology, the vehicle is able to function smoothly and even acts as a security feature as it aids in gesturing to the rider when it is unstable – by way of rattling or an alarm.


I can project video, draws, pictures,…


Through my speakers, I can play music, songs for children, bedtime stories, voice of baby’s mother

Monitoring System

Give your children freedom, but watch them when it’s necessary through my cameras

Temperature Sensor

Set up the ideal temperature for your children and I will take care of it

Air Purifier

I can clean the air in the babies room or anywhere in the house

First Aid

I can clean the air in the babies room or anywhere in the house


If you forgot I can remind you when it’s time to eat,  for medication or about your daily schedule

Face recognation

I have a good memory and I can recognize faces of your family and your friends

Automatic self charging

When my batteries are low I will automatically go to charging pad to recharge myself


Don’t miss all good moments. With my HD camera, I can capture many fun moments or take a video in high resolution.


If you need to wake up early or to change a diaper to your baby, don’t worry. I will alarm you at a specific time

Drive your robot

Let us drive together

Mobile Control

You can set up and fully control any of my functions over the phone or you can take a driving control

Mapping Sensors

My great mapping sensors will map entire house to better know where everything is

Bedtime Stories

When it’s time for sleeping I can read stories


I can stream music or play podcast


Together we can spread your creativity. I have a plenty games that we can play together


Together we can work on your speech or proper pronunciation


I can be connected to any device in your home through wifi