a luggage that can be used as a roof box
When it's time to travel, we all have the same problem with the amount of space in our car. The roof box can help us in this, but the roof box when placed on the roof of the car is no longer removed until we arrive at the destination. SU-R BOX is a luggage that you can put on the roof with the help of belts and remove it whenever you need it. It is designed for smaller cars that generally do not have enough space in their trunk. Silicone pads on the luggage provide better grip on the roof of the car and at the same time protecting it from any scratches or damage. With its design, it ensures good air flow. It contains a weight indicator that will show you the weight of things in the luggage. With the help of a fingerprint, you can lock your luggage and thus protect your belongings. It also has two USB ports with which you can charge your mobile phone or laptop as well as a GPS locator in case you lose your luggage.
  • CategoryProduct Design
  • Year2018